Monday, March 19, 2012

Answer Three: Captain Kirk vs. Han Solo

This question was asked by a friend I absolutely adore. He knows my nerdy side all to well, and has nurtured it through the years. He’s probably already guessed what I’ll say, but here it goes.

The answer is obvious Han Solo would totally kick Kirks butt! Why? I would think that it’s obvious, even though it’s contrary to the latest editing of Star Wars: a New Hope; any true fan knows HAN SHOT FIRST!!

I mean Captain Kirk has his awesomeness. He’s a little less cranky in crisis situations than Han, but if you really think about it while he slips off into another one of his famously dramatic monologues Han would just shot him down and move on. But that’s just what I think…

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  1. They should have replaced Han's blaster with a walkie-talkie.