Saturday, March 17, 2012

Answer two: Favorite oldest daughter of Aunt Sharon

Who is my favorite oldest daughter of my Aunt Sharon? Now I understand that my cousin Rachel was just kidding around when she posted this question, it's how she rolls, but I’d like to give her an answer. The answer is of course its YOU! But let me tell you why...
We have only met in person once, but I love you as much as I love my cousins on my mom’s side. If you had any idea how much I love them, how important THEY are to me, you would be impressed with yourself. I don’t get close to people in general, and as a rule I usually prefer my own company, but I feel close to you.

I’m grateful for Facebook because it has given us opportunity to create a bridge between Utah and Michigan. It has allowed us to discover humor IS in the DNA! I’ve found it fascinating that we have the same quirky, if not down right nerdy humor. We like and quote the same movies, and have experienced some of life’s stranger moments of being racially ambiguous. We share the same fake conceit, but true pride in who we are as wives, mothers, and daughters of God.

The thing I love most about you, and your brother Steve, is that you both have reached out to get to know me…the enigma that is Gary’s eldest child. You could never fully understand how much it means to me that you both include me, and I love you both for it. And that’s how I think…

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