Monday, March 18, 2013

Letting Them Grow

It's been a while since I've written...why? I've been parenting. I thought cubs were hard work when they were small…

When they were little they were ALWAYS with me. If I was in the car they were in their car seats. When I was grocery shopping, they were sitting in the buggy or holding to the side following along. If I wanted to watch a movie WE would end up watching children's shows. If I napped it was when they napped. When I was on the potty they were waiting outside the door knocking, talking, or crying because they NEEDED to be with me. I worked at night so I could be home during the day with them. I was always talking to, singing to, or teasing my eager fan club.

Then all too soon I was alone…

Throughout their lives I've tried to keep in mind that my little people were sent to me so I could teach them to be decent, kind, loving and self-sustaining adults. But it happened so fast one morning (before I could figure out where time had gone) they were taller than me, they were going out and experiencing the world…without me.

They've experienced their first loves and first heartaches. They're investigating who they are, and what interests them. They begin to see who their friends really are, and have been taught painful lessons from betrayal. They became self the point I've wondered if that person was my cub. Then suddenly they're a person again, and empathy returns.They keep me up to the wee hours telling me of their adventures and plans. They have made me proud, and have made decisions that have made me cry.

I have became painfully aware we have entered the part of their lives where I've become, at best, an adviser. I have realized that now I am their fan club and am coming to terms with the hardest part of parenting...letting them grow.

Making it easier to read my posts...

I call my children cubs. I do this for two reasons:
         A.) The doctors said I wouldn't be able to have "kids"so, as not to prove him wrong, I don't. I have cubs.
         B.) They were huge, num num, babies:
                                             i. 9lbs 11oz - 21&1/2 inches long (girl)
                                            ii. 11lbs - 23 & 1/2 inches long (boy)
                                           iii. 10lbs 2oz - 22 & 1/2 inches long (girl)
                                           iv. 8lbs 12oz - 21 & 1/2 inches long (girl) born 4 weeks early :)

**No I did not have gestational diabetes, and except the last one they were born on their due dates.

When I write I refer to my children as my cubs, often people have been confused and think I am a den mother for boy scouts...I am not. So I post this as an effort to clarify.