Friday, March 16, 2012

Answer One: Rewarding A Child...

I received a question about parenting. What is my opinion about rewarding one child for a job well done in front of siblings? Do I think it’s a good idea? I say heck yeah! My theory is most parents discipline a child in front of their other children, why would you NOT want to reward a child in front of your other children?

I believe if handled correctly it can be a positive experience for the whole family. The child that receives the praise or reward for accomplishing their goal will feel validated and strive to achieve more goals. The parents acknowledge the child’s success and set a precedent with the other children by allowing them to see how awesome it is to follow through with goals, and it may inspire them to set their own goals…if handled correctly.

As a parent I try to keep in mind that all cubs are not the same, even if they share the same DNA. One of the amazing things about cubs is they are their own person with their own talents, ideas, interests, and dreams. Therefore, not all of their goals, rewards, or discipline should be expected to be the same.

The great thing about personalizing reward programs, and disciplinary actions per cub is that you as a parent GET to take the TIME to know them, and do what's best for them. Finally, I believe they were put in our care so we can teach them, guide them, and advise them, but the most important thing we can give them is the time to let them know we genuinely love them.
But that’s just what I think…

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